Model Nebotičnik

Scale: 1:250

Height: 26 cm

Weight: TBA

The ‘nebotičnik’ (english: skyscraper) model is made according to the original plans of Vladimir Šubic from 1933.
The model itself has a height of 26 cm including the base, weighs 2.4 kg and is originally made in white so that the details can be better expressed. Making the model required about 50 hours of mapping the plans into 3D form, 3 prototypes of plastic models and then several days of various combinations for the best possible casting.

The model has a blind facade on the south and west sides, which in reality is in contact with the neighboring buildings, as the intention is for the sculpture itself to be square.

The idea of ​​the model is to be used as part of the decor in modern apartments.

*The original plans for design of the model were obtained from ‘Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana’. Images of the original plans are published with permission of ‘Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana’ (

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