About me

DacoMap presents a unique and bold art that will brighten up your wall. It is intended for all those who want to design their home in a different way and stand out. The central concept is its 3D design, which illustrates the city and allows us to not only see the image in one way; when viewed from several angles, it is never exactly the same. At the same time, the vibrancy is a result of the shadows that change position during the day due to sunlight, as our sun makes its way across the sky from east to west. At night, the glow of the lights in the twilight falls on the picture and envelops the city in sleep. For these reasons, the picture is made in white, as this is the only way to ensure the strongest color contrast. The picture can be hung on a colored wall to make it stand out; but it can also catch our eye on a white wall, where we brighten up the design with the addition of a frame that is available in several woods. If desired, it can also be placed on a table and protected with a custom-made transparent cover.

The picture is intended for everyone: both people who want to enrich their home or work space with a special piece of art, as well as, for example, hotels who can more easily show their guests where to go around the city in search of the best possible experiences. The picture also fits perfectly in a minimalist space, such as an office, where it can encourage you to be creative – and after a long day, perhaps to an idea of ​​where to have a well-deserved drink after work.