Model Ljubljana

Scale: 1:1500

Size: 42 x 42 cm

Weight: 4 kg

Price: 290 €

Color: Avalaible in white/grey, and with colored Ljubljanica river

The relief of Ljubljana is placed in the center of the city itself and covers an area of ​​1 km2 (1074 x 1074m). The model is designed to include the ‘financial’ part in the north (Bavarski dvor) with high-rise buildings. The model covers the Tivoli Park in the west and is placed in such a way that it covers all the most important buildings, from Trg Republike with Cankarjev dom, to the Modern Gallery and the National Museum of Slovenia. The south is conceptually positioned in such a way that on the right side it covers the Ljubljana Castle and the University of Ljubljana. The entire inner part of the model includes all other important buildings, together with the old part of the city and the Ljubljanica river.

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